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Approaching the treatment of breast cancer should include a thorough look at the option of breast reconstruction. Knowing the options for breast reconstruction when your treatment plan for breast cancer is established allows you to actively participate in the goals for your recovery. With a good background of your options and a discussion with Doctor you can be assured you have the right plan for your treatment and recovery.Doctors ,Board Certified Plastics Surgeons Tijuana,Tijuana Surgery Center,Breast Reconstruction,Breast implants Tijuana,Breast Reconstruction Tijuana,Breast surgery Tijuana,breast lift,Breast Reconstruction Tijuana,Tijuana,Mexico
Breast reconstruction in a treatment plan for breast cancer is growing in acceptance and popularity. Advances in well-established methods along with new techniques have improved aesthetic outcomes dramatically and established a high level of satisfaction among women opting for breast reconstruction. Women with Breast reconstruction have reported an increase in self-confidence and emotional well-being, renewed body image and an increased sense of femininity and sexuality.


The two most common choices for Breast reconstruction are the use of breast implants in a Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction. And Flap surgery, which can be a TRAM, DIEP or Latiss Flap – with or without breast implants. The information on this website presents an overview of these procedures as the right background for a knowledgeable conversation with Doctor about your choices.


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